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Future Projects

Having the vision early is the key to a successful development. We leverage our market expertise to maximize investment outcomes for our partners and clients.

Bridge City

As the fourth largest city in the U.S. Houston is not only fully equipped to produce innovative technologies on a global scale, but as innovation evolves, Houston is uniquely capable of shaping the future of technology mediums. The goal of Bridge City is to not only draw upon Houston's well of creative energy but also attract like-minded talent from around the world to realize this potential. In partnership with Universities we have developed a residency program for students looking to build careers in technology fields while allowing Bridge City companies the opportunity to influence curriculum in the ever flourishing industries.


The Origin


Origin, The point of place where something begins. The Origin is Houston’s first Bridge City Development. Kicking off a complete redesign and acceleration of Houston’s Historic Montrose District.

Bridge City Founders

The Developer

As a steward and co-founder of the Bridge City Innovation District, Hansen Partners is tasked with creating the district’s cityscape, cultivating a new innovation culture in tandem with maintaining the existing fabric of the Montrose community and forging new partnerships with onboarding companies both domestically and internationally. When done successfully, these endeavours will allow Bridge City to achieve long term sustainability and viability.


The Architect

As the architect and co-founder of the Bridge City Innovation District, Six Foot is tasked with founding and fostering the innovation economy, designing and stewarding the overall ecosystem, creating the district’s internal culture, implementing individual company’s driven educational programs, and designing a modern educational teaching methodology focused on the individual student’s journey. 



The gold standard agency in interactive entertainment, DDM has a worldwide network of companies and talents on the leading edge of innovation in media. They share Bridge City’s vision to grow Houston into a unique hub of technology, entertainment, and innovation. 


Urban Capital Network

Urban Capital Network is an investment firm that democratizes access to exclusive premium investment opportunities for underrepresented investors. UCN educates, activates, and introduces investors to early-stage venture investments that are affordable, de-risked, and diversified. The firm also invests a portion of their profits exclusively in minority and woman founders. 


Bridge City Strategic Advisors


Mainline is an esports Tournament Management System, tournament organizer, and event production company focused on helping customers unlock the value of esports through our product and people. Founded and headquartered in Houston, Mainline is not only one of the founding members of Bridge City (with Hansen Partners and Six Foot), but are also working closely with the University St. Thomas to educate the next generation of esports professionals. 


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4200 Montrose Boulevard, Suite 500, Houston, TX, 77006
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